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Sexy Explorer Joon

Joon Mali says ….

“I love adventures! Today I went to the north side of the island where there are some unexplored beach caves. Hmm… I wonder what I will find inside! Maybe some pirate treasure or some special lost antique. Even the idea, of seeing a part of the caves that no one has ever seen before sounds great! It gets gets very dark and scary as I go deeper into the cave, so I brought my flashlight with me. I tied a string to the entrance so I could find my way back out. After looking around the cave for an hour, I didn’t find any treasure, but I sure had a lot fun. Now it’s your tour to do a little exploring…. Of ME!!!”
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Rock my World!

From Joon Mali’s website…

“You and me … sexy by the sea! I made my way down to the ocean to a beautiful spot surrounded by rocks. The sun was shining bright, and time of day made the ocean a rich blue color. The sound of the ocean water splashing against the rocks was very soothing and sexy. I ran my small hands all over my petite body, touching my skin though the light material of my dress. Whenever the wind would blow, the soft thin skirt would rise above my waist and show off my cute panties! I couldnt take it anymore!!! I laid back against the rocks and petted my pretty pussy inside my panties until I came!”
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Satin Blue Joon

Joon Mali says: Watch my cute white panty booty up my skirt! My bouncy buns feel great in my soft panties, but feel much better when I touch em with my small hands. I am hoping to have a date tonight, so I want to wear something cute. This sweet blue dress is perfect, but it needs something. Hmmm… what can I add? I know! I can wear my adorable satin blue hat. It is the perfect accessory for my short skirt. So, what time are you coming to pick me up? 😉
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